Skirting board

Floor skirting plays an important role in the visual concept of the interior. A profiled bar, skirting serves for ergonomic connection of floor and wall. If you are used to high quality and durability of all elements of the interior, to purchase the skirting in our company will become the optimal solution. Our catalogue contains the world-famous skirting manufacturers. Realizing floor skirting in Moscow, we guarantee compliance with the strictest requirements. A great variety of contemporary skirting helps to find the best solution for any type of interior. Elegant solid wood skirting is ideal for classical interiors. Wood texture emphasizes its elegance. You can buy plastic skirting in our shop, it is cheaper variant. This plastic is strong and durable. Plastic skirting is usually fitted with a special chute through which the wires are held. It helps to create attractive and functional interior. Our professional managers are ready to answer any questions of yours concerning choice of the skirting or flooring by the telephone or e-mail.

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