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Carpeting Dura

dura.jpgThe company "UnionMart" puts on sale the first carpet in the world, filtering harmful substances, Dura Air. This type of flooring made ​​in Germany from the collection of Level Two Dura, is a carpet for the office. It has the ability to filter the harmful substances such as nicotine, formaldehyde, or bad odors, and convert them into harmless components, air - carbon dioxide or water vapor.

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Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

"UnionMart" sells a wide range of carpets from Dura Flooring Systems. Carpet Dura does not absorb, but only passes through itself harmful substances and odors. And then, built-in security that works for the entire life of the carpet recycles them. Carpet Dura has all the appropriate regulations, fire safety certificate. Dura Air creates a favorable environment in the office, hotel, improving the quality of work and ennobling room.

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