Sports linoleum Grabo Sport

The company "GRABO" is located in Gyor on the territory of Hungary and is part of the joint stock company "Graboplast", which is Europe's largest manufacturer of various construction materials for interior decoration. The main distinguishing feature of OOO "GRABO" has always been the high quality of its products and striving to provide our many partners maintenance services, characterized by strict adherence to all agreements accurately and on time. To date, the production capacity of the company allows producing approximately 1.5 million square meters of flooring annually. Products of "GRABO" are in high demand not only at home but also in more than 30 countries. The success of the coatings produced by the company is provided by a combination of good quality characteristics, such as increased depreciation shocks, skid resistance, sound insulation. Furthermore, the cost is relatively low floor. A significant part of the total production is occupied by universal coverage for sports facilities.

Products per page 20  |  50  |  100
from 1 878 rub./м2
8 colors
from 935 rub./м2
4 colors
from 1 932 rub./м2
12 colors
from 1 233 rub./м2
6 colors
from 1 414 rub./м2
5 colors

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