Carpet installation

UnionMart provides services for the installation of commercial carpet. The set of the performed projects which can be found in the gallery of works and cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign companies, will confirm our professionalism and experience. We will carry out commercial carpet installation in all types of premises. If your foundation is not suitable for carpet installation (it has bumps and hollows), we will fill and repair base.

UnionMart exclusively performs profile cutting and pasting logos (certified by Desso) on any type of carpet. We will help you to combine and install carpets of different colors in one so that you do not even notice joints.

We take the money only for the work that will please the eyes for many years.

Our staff contains only Russian specialists with specialized education. For budgeting contact our specialists, as for approximate prices, you can find them in the price list.

Attention: Commercial carpet is laid only on the prepared base. If you decide to install carpet on the old tiles, wipe the heaps of stitches to prevent the emergence of an old pattern.

As a rule, during repair process, one focuses on ceilings, walls and windows, and the floor is given secondary importance. However, it takes up half the greatest load and to keep it always beautiful, installing carpeting at home and especially in crowded places should be carried out with the use of high quality materials. In order to rationally calculate the amount of carpeting required, one should calculate the size of the room. Carpeting must be purchased with the size of the largest facilities, while taking into account all the niches and doorways. As a result, the size can be easily increased by 10-15 cm, to avoid unforeseen situations in the works.

Note that the installation of carpeting in the club, for example, or any other premises, requires temperature-controlled room at 15 to 25 ° C. Furthermore, it should strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations floor. The high quality of installation work means the longer use. That is why in order to minimize the cost of installation; one should involve in work only the professionals. Our company is ready to offer its clients services for the implementation of such works as laying carpet in the hotel, restaurant, office, movie theater, apartments and other premises subject to the requirements and wishes of the customer. Today, there are several basic ways to installing carpet:

-       laying of carpet without the use of glue or free installation of flooring without fixation;

-       installation using double-sided tape, which is placed under the edges of flooring around the perimeter of the room;

-       laying of carpet with direct sizing and full fixation to the floor;

-       laying with double gluing in the situations where carpet is laid on a substrate (first substrate is bonded to the floor and then the flooring);

-       laying of carpet without the use of glue and use of the substrate (stretching).


Laying carpet in a shopping center, embassy, ​​office or a nightclub without glue quite common and, perhaps, is the most common method of laying carpet. Laying the floor covering in the cafe, say, or in the cinema is made using this method, in this case, the emphasis is on flexibility - the property possessed by almost all types of carpets. Laying carpet at the embassy or other similar premises is carried out on the rack, reinforced along the walls with two rows of nails driven into a corner, and then the flooring is stretched with the help of special tools.

Lifecycle of floor covering laid in this manner is greatly increased. Furthermore, when changing the cover there is no need to pre-prepare the floor. Call us and you will be guaranteed the high quality of all the work on laying the carpet in any designated area.

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