Orotex carpeting

Orotex - factory, located in Belgium, whose core business is the production of carpet for a wide range of applications. As part of the brand can find a commercial carpet Orotex, suitable for lining floors of offices, shopping malls , stores, hotels , restaurants and cafes , as well as carpeting for the house various colors , textures and options for manufacturers. Is easy to maintain, easy to clean and washable , flame-proof and provides long- term , depending on the load . Another activity is the production factory Orotex flooring called "artificial grass" that is in demand in sports centers, clubs for use in stadiums and halls. " Artificial Grass" Orotex ideal for football, golf , tennis, volleyball and badminton , as it does not slip , and a long time does not trample . Also, "artificial turf" Orotex is widely used in landscape design - it can help form a beautiful alleys , fields, lawns and equip the area around the pools, outdoor cafes and restaurants. Carpeting of Orotex - is the best solution at a reasonable price

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