For manufacturers

UnionMart invites to cooperation manufacturers of flooring and building chemistry.

Annually UnionMart Company increases its sales throughout the Russian Federation. Our company is one of the most successful companies selling wholesale flooring in the Russian market. The company has warehouse facilities, as well as highly qualified staff with extensive experience.

Every year we are expanding the range of our products, focusing on market requirements. We have exclusive commercial flooring of the highest quality, made in Europe and America. Due to the policy of high quality production, we are not affiliated with the manufacturers from China and Vietnam. Each year we select manufacturers and refuse to supply the products of those manufacturers whose characteristics do not match the actual material produced, and those who have more than a certain limit of defects. Our company supplies floor coverings to the all most famous Russian companies, including the Kremlin and other important public institutions.

In order to expand the range, UnionMart needs the following types of material:

  • Commercial carpeting (of medium and premium class). Preferred countries: Europe
  • Carpet tiles. Preferred countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy.

For your suggestions, please write to the email address: