For dealers

It is very easy to get confused in choosing flooring or laminate on the contemporary construction market.

UnionMart specialists will become for you the “pilots”, who will not allow you to get lost in the endless sea of flooring. After signing the dealer’s contract, our managers will provide you with the professional consultations; will organize the product delivery and give all necessary documentation.

To protect the flooring from the wear it is necessary to use high quality materials selected by the designation. The evaluation of the qualitative characteristics of flooring should be conducted with the view to its long term use.

All flooring is divided into 2 types: domestic (common) and commercial.

UnionMart presents you the commercial flooring, manufactured by famous European producers with special qualities for usage in various non-residential commercial premises.

Every type of flooring has its benefits. Commercial linoleum is the perfect material for heavy traffic areas. Additionally, it has anti-static and good hygienic properties. Natural linoleum is ecologically clean. If we speak about a kindergarten, for example, where the flooring must be soft and “quiet”, the best choice is the commercial flooring. It doesn’t need constant surface treatment; it is good at noise absorption and is easily cleaned and beautiful. 

Modular floorings have special basis, containing PVC or bitumen with fiberglass. If the part of the flooring is damaged you can replace only one carpet tile. If you need to dismantle the flooring for cable installation, carpet tiles can be the best decision.

UnionMart is one of the leading commercial flooring sales companies in Russia.

Also we carry out all complexes of works in the field of professional and complex arrangement of PVC flooring, natural and sports floor coverings.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, consult our managers on conditions and price list.

We have special conditions for each client. They depend on the volume of the goods and the delivery region. We offer flexible pricing for regular customers, it changes every year. The products are released in rolls or boxes.