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Carpeting with individual design

Manufacturers of carpet with individual design

UnionMart offers exclusive rugs made by the best European companies according to your design. Our company carries out orders for any drawings on your future carpeting. You can write the name of your company, create your own style, logos or any other patterns and exactly these patterns will appear on your carpeting.

Minimum order starts from 100м2.

The whole process is very simple: our managers take your drawing in work. Then you choose the colors. Colors can be sent by email or selected directly in the office, on pieces of colored carpeting. Then the plant sends an electronic sample of your carpet for approval. Making sure that your wishes are properly understood, you give approval to manufacture the pilot version of the carpet. We receive the sample of the future carpet within 10 days and wait for your final approval. Thus you avoid risks. If you do not like the sample, you can make your adjustments and we will make another sample, as amended. This will continue until you will be completely satisfied.

When ordering carpeting with individual design one may change such characteristics as:

  • Pile height
  • Pile density
  • Type of pile
  • Type of substrate

No matter which characteristics or colors you choose, you get the carpet of superb quality, created with individual design. Term of manufacturing of such a carpet is from 4 to 6 weeks, including delivering to Moscow. A shift from manual labor to industrial production makes it simpler for us to order the flooring with individual design. Many things that due to the complexity of manufacturing were available only to a narrow circle of wealthy people now have become available also for modest people. Until recently, the production of a carpet needed a few months of hard work, and today a special machine is capable to make a few hundred of these carpets within the same period. However, mass production has completely fulfilled the quantitative needs of people, but it cannot satisfy the human desire for aesthetic appeal and individuality. Naturally, nobody wants to have a shelter, like two peas similar to neighbor's apartment. Artists saw limitless possibilities for their creativity in the mass production. So the diversity and aesthetic appeal in mass production took place.

The invention of synthetic fibers has become a real revolution in the production of carpets. It is now possible to produce carpet in rolls, not only in small squares as it was in the manual manufacture of carpets. Since then the artists have opened up unseen perspective. Nowadays any sketch of the customer can be produced on the flooring, even if it has an uneven shape. In addition, the unique design allows creating exactly the atmosphere in the room by combining different colors and shades. The development of a truly unique designed carpet is a complex task, which can only be solved by professionals. If you want to create a unique interior design in your apartment, home or office, and you need your own carpet design, we are happy to offer you our services. Application of modern technologies allows us to show you the finished flooring even before the actual work starts. We can help you to make the best decision for decorating the home or office.

You can also order handmade rugs with individual design. The actual price of the carpet with an individual design depends on many factors, thus it can be determined on the basis of a particular object.

Our advantages

  • Cashless with 20% VAT

  • Individual design

  • Express logistics from Europe

  • Leading plant in Europe

  • Several variants of printing

  • Laying works

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