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UnionMart Company offers high-quality carpets from world famous manufacturers at a reasonable cost. Cooperation with leading carpeting, linoleum, and skirting manufacturers gives us the opportunity to sell products that comply with all requirements. During its tenure, UnionMart Company has managed to win a good reputation among customers and competitors. The contemporary market of finishing materials offers a wide selection of carpet for every taste and wallet size.

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Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

One can evaluate main advantages and benefits, buying carpets wholesale.

Office carpet is easy to buy. But it is very difficult to find a reliable partner. This also applies to the cost of goods: you will be pleasantly surprised by the flooring prices in UnionMart Company. With us you can buy products wholesale and retail of renowned carpet manufacturers, such as Armstrong, Balsan, Balta, Domo, Dura, Desso, Orotex etc.

Due to the high level of functionality our carpets can be used not only in private houses, but also in offices, restaurants and hotels. The main advantage of carpeting is its practicality. They are resistant to dirt and damage, one can easily clean it with the help of a sponge.

When buying carpet, pay special attention to the following…

This market is represented by a fairly wide range of products. Modern manufacturing methods enable the production of various types of items, such as carpeting. So before you buy a carpet you should pay attention to the type of the product. Functionally carpeting can be:

  • Exhibition carpeting: it allows you to effectively make a showroom, highlighting the benefits of various style interior features.

  • Commercial carpeting: it is laid in places such as cinemas, offices, hotels and is designed for constant load.

  • Household coverage: this kind of carpet is not designed for heavy loads, and is usually of relatively low cost and various original textures. If you buy a cheap carpet, it should be borne in mind that the longer the pile, the less it has to account for the load.

Thus, the most suitable practical option for offices and industrial premises is carpeting with medium or short nap. One should better buy a carpet with long pile to decorate private interiors.

Carpeting is a perfect option to hide the flaws in the floor and gives the room grooming and comfort. They have a spectacular view and good anti-static, heat and sound insulation qualities. For casinos, poker rooms, for arcades, billiards, the carpet with pile structure is best suited, as for business centers and offices, it is better to buy the loop collection. One can buy rather cheap carpeting from the best manufacturers, by choosing any color and texture. Also, to save money when buying coatings for large areas, you can do it in bulk. Typically, such an approach is practiced by large companies, state agencies and public institutions.

While choosing carpeting, pay special attention to the difference between rugs and carpets. Carpeting can be bought by the meters, after selecting the necessary parameters. A rug has a figure, inscribed into its size and requiring special accommodation in the interior. You can buy good carpet with small repeating pattern or of solid color, and it doesn’t require any special attention. Many people prefer to buy a carpet as a floor covering instead of linoleum, because this material absorbs noise and warms the floor. Carpet provides comfort and a unique style of home or office. You can buy any color carpet and choose any necessary quality, with washable and absorbent properties. Before you choose a carpet, study all properties of the product. You can buy natural or artificial carpet. The most practical are dense types of carpet.

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