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Carpeting for retail space

Typically, carpets aren’t used in areas where there is a brisk trade. Most often it is possible to see the commercial linoleum or tile in such places. But there are different situations when the specific of the products sold does not fit the linoleum or tile. When you need to sell something expensive and presentation must be softer and warmer. Of course, you choose the carpeting.

Display products: 20  |  50  |  100
Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

Carpet is ideal for creating a comfortable environment for sales of expensive watches, art, jewelry, and it can be a beautiful decoration for the marketplace, boutique, shop or pavilion at the exhibition. Our company offers the highest quality products, created by the best factories in Europe and America.

We offer carpeting that will last a long time and cause no inconvenience in its usage. Carpeting for retail space has unique properties of wear resistance, non-absorbent, odorless, easy to clean.

Ordering carpeting for a store or boutique, we will not only deliver it, but perform professional installation, recycle trash and perform cleaning of the room.

Our advantages

  • Sliced Carpeting

    Sliced Carpeting

  • Cashless with 18% VAT

    Cashless with 18% VAT

  • Installation of any complexity

    Installation of any complexity

  • Leading plant in Europe

    Leading plant in Europe

  • Own warehouse program

    Own warehouse program

  • Wholesale prices

    Wholesale prices

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