PVC tile

Company «UnionMart» sells PVC tile design tile PVC) from the leading world manufacturers. Our company is the official distributor of the plant Armstrong, IVC, Polyflor. You can always buy a design PVC tiles of the highest quality, made in Belgium and Germany. PVC tile will ensure swift access to communications, is not to lose its color and shape, it will not be visible tracks from the constant number of people walking and trucks. If you suddenly need to replace routed cable, dismantle coverage throughout a room is not necessary. In that case, if the room is terracotta tiled PVC, just enough to raise the necessary modules and after easily install them in their place.

Products per page 20  |  50  |  100
from 1 001 rub./м2
22 colors
from 1 464 rub./м2
14 colors
from 969 rub./м2
23 colors
from 1 022 rub./м2
6 colors
from 920 rub./м2
27 colors
from 706 rub./м2
20 colors
from 1 440 rub./м2
9 colors
from 1 464 rub./м2
12 colors
from 861 rub./м2
13 colors
from 1 462 rub./м2
57 colors
from 1 883 rub./м2
63 colors
from 1 899 rub./м2
68 colors
from 3 350 rub./м2
2 colors
from 2 229 rub./м2
24 colors
from 2 897 rub./м2
38 colors
from 3 580 rub./м2
36 colors
from 2 511 rub./м2
15 colors
from 3 573 rub./м2
21 colors
from 3 189 rub./м2
23 colors
from 4 809 rub./м2
23 colors
from 4 311 rub./м2
21 colors
from 6 215 rub./м2
23 colors
from 6 215 rub./м2
21 colors
from 7 616 rub./м2
5 colors
from 7 617 rub./м2
5 colors
from 2 208 rub./м2
6 colors
from 1 714 rub./м2
6 colors
from 1 352 rub./м2
6 colors
from 3 165 rub./м2
6 colors
from 3 164 rub./м2
12 colors
from 3 164 rub./м2
28 colors
from 879 rub./м2
10 colors
from 1 265 rub./м2
57 colors

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Moreover, the Design of tile PVC very ergonomic in laying - after installation of the plate there is a minimum of waste (0.5-2%), when, for example, at the time of laying of a rolled covering this indicator is 10-15%.

PVC tile can easily and inexpensively replaced - if you as a result of careless handling spoil the floor, leaving a trail of cigarettes or a deep scratch from передвигаемого Cabinet, you can easily replace a damaged module, not all coverage entirely.

Conveniently PVC tiles transport and store. Supplied with the material in boxes, and the same in his capacity, the volume of PVC tiles takes stock is two times less than the coil coating.

Strength and superior design tiles PVC appreciate the trade and exhibition facilities, now don't need to change every year, laid laminate, PVC tile design will serve not less than 8 years.

Wide color gamma PVC tiles allows to create absolutely unique solution for a room in terms of design.

PVC floor tiles has four layers. Middle and lower layer tiles are made from mixed with impurities PVC material, resulting in the floor gets elasticity, becomes warm and eliminates the possibility of deformation of coverage over time. These layers is applied by printing the picture that is produced using the most modern technologies. The top layer of tiles made of transparent and pure PVC, which allows the coating to withstand heavy loads. Actually, the thickness of this layer and depends on the strength and service life of the floor covering. During the manufacture of tiles is then processed under pressure, during which the coverage is given to the beauty and relief simulated material, as well as high (compare with ceramic granite) strength.

We offer a wide range of products, reliability, high level of professionalism and a flexible pricing policy.

Unlike laminate PVC Tile allowed for laying in places of the big congestion of people and corridor areas, which is confirmed by the appropriate certificates, which you can see on our website or available on request.

Company «UnionMart» will help you to buy PVC tiles of the highest quality. Our company is a distributor of such brands as Armstrong, Polyflor and Moduleo. We work directly from the manufacturer. All the samples you can see live, in our office at the address listed on the website.

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