Balsan carpeting

Part of the international group, Associated Weavers, BALSAN, the leading French manufacturer, proposes a complete range of high quality carpets, with 2000 references, in broadloom carpets and carpet tiles, and develops infinity of colors and textures both for building and hospitality contract professionals and for the residential market, in France and abroad.

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from 3 731 rub./м2
31 colors
from 3 802 rub./м2
21 colors
from 2 048 rub./м2
37 colors
from 2 764 rub./м2
30 colors
from 3 229 rub./м2
29 colors
from 3 212 rub./м2
30 colors
from 2 317 rub./м2
27 colors
from 1 619 rub./м2
30 colors
from 1 342 rub./м2
10 colors

BALSAN textile broadloom carpet and carpet tiles provide personalized, aesthetic and functional answers to all the requirements of the markets of new build and refurbishment, in the residential, office, instore and hospitality segments...

Our carpets, made of the best yarns on the market and protected by highly effective stain protection treatments, are classified according to strict national and European standards. With its creativity and capacities for innovation, the Balsan Company relies on the resources of its integrated design bureau to meet the needs of the residential as well as the hospitality and office segment.

The major part of the Balsan textile roll carpets and carpet tiles provide the perfect response to the HQE (High Environmental Quality) approach and benefit from the Gut environmental label.

Thanks to it in depth knowledge of the market, BALSAN creates specific products adapted to each segment: The major ranges of cut pile, cross-over cut, Saxony and cut and uncut for the residential sector.

Carpet tiles for the corporate office segment (offices, public areas...).

The Millitron jet printed bespoke carpet for the hotel trade and large events.