Installing sports surfaces

UnionMart Company provides services for the installation of sports flooring Forbo, Grabo, LG, and Grabo Show. The set of objects made ​​by laying carpet tiles, which can be viewed in the gallery of work, will confirm our professionalism and experience. We will carry out installation of sports coverage on any basis; apply a layout for any athletic sports. If your foundation is not suitable for placing sports coverage, we will perform a fill base.

Our staff consists of Russian specialists with specialized education. For budgeting contact our specialists, approximate prices you can see in the price list.

Note: When placing sports coverage it is not recommended to use a lot of leveling plaster or gypsum-containing components.

The main criterion for the selection of sports coverage is the location of the site - in the open air or indoors. For closed sports facilities the most rational materials are linoleum, PVC, wood or laminate coating. A more detailed selection of sports flooring is made concerning the use of a sports ground. Sports flooring is classified in accordance with generally accepted standards for its quality characteristics such as strength, flexibility, the ability to absorb shock, friction, etc. In addition, depending on the degree of fire safety facilities the appropriate sports coverage is applied.

Installing sports surfaces in the stadium, tennis courts, fitness rooms, playgrounds and stadiums is one of the activities of our company. We use high-quality materials to create strong, resilient and elastic materials for a variety of sports facilities and schools. Installation of sports surfaces in the school or a stadium is carried at high level of quality and at reasonable prices. We have experience in installation of sports surfaces in the playground and other similar objects using rubber and rubber crumb.

According to the type of materials, sports flooring can be synthetic and natural. Depending on the principle of placing professionals stand out liquid, tile and roller sports flooring. By its composition roller sports floorings are divided into rubber, vinyl polychloride and coatings of natural linoleum. The most eco-friendly is the wooden covering. It has high quality features and is ideal floor for exercises in gymnastics, aerobics and classical dance.

The most difficult task is installation of sports surfaces in the sports club and gyms. Every day hundreds of people move on these coatings. In addition, this kind of sports coverage must withstand all kinds of simulators and hitting heavy sports equipment. The experience and professionalism of our employees allow us to successfully tackle even complex tasks such as installation of sports surfaces in the fitness club.

The use of modern materials and the latest technology can open up new possibilities of sports facilities. A vivid example is the option when installation of sports surfaces in the sports arena was originally designed for hockey matches and figure skating is performed directly on the ice, and thus provides the ability to convert an object into a sports venue for pop concerts and other events.

We are ready to offer our clients services such as installation of sports surfaces in the auditorium of the organization, regardless of its size and other features. We are ready to realize your most unconventional ideas in compliance with all current safety requirements. We are working on mutually beneficial terms, as well as with organizations and with individual customers. Individual approach to each client is the main component of our work. Installation of sports surfaces in the school will allow children to engage in high-quality and most importantly environmentally friendly coating.