Floor coverings with individual design -
is a guarantee that your interior will be exclusive.

UnionMart is engaged in manufacturing carpeting, carpet tiles, antisplash flooring under the order, with individual characteristics and design. We can offer carpets with logo, individually designed carpet tiles, handmade carpets for hotels, carpets with the owners’ portraits for luxury cottages, patterned carpets for kindergartens and hospitals, antisplash flooring of any pattern. All production facilities are located in Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands), which guarantees high quality and long operation. Flooring with individual design is the best choice for exclusive design.

Cooperating with leading European producers of carpets and rugs, UnionMart shares the opinion that a soft carpet can create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and beauty. Rugs will add decoration and wealth to your interior, especially if they are made under the order, according to your design and personal taste. People have always tried to cover the floors with something soft and warm. They used animal skins, then mats, and only later, handmade carpets. Not so long ago carpets with individual design were only available for a very limited number of people. Handmade rugs could be found in the houses of wealthy people for whom they were a source of pride. The situation changed in the second half of the last century , with the appearance of the equipment , which allowed to produce carpets by machine , making them much cheaper. However, their quality is not worse than that of their ancestors, as for the complexity of the colors, they even surpass them.

Our company manufactures carpeting by machines or manually. Modern technologies allow producing carpets, carpet tiles, antisplash flooring with any pattern by individual orders with the application of an exclusive image. Each customer can express his wishes and preferences or provide us with a drawing of his own, thus becoming a co- producer who takes active part in the development of his sketch. In this case the customer’s preferences are practically unlimited by our technical capabilities. Any type of carpet or carpet tiles with a logo or with an individual pattern produced by our company will decorate any office and become a source of pride for all staff.


Patterned carpets or carpet tiles with a logo are, as a rule, in demand at hotels and in different networks that follow corporate standards. Patterned carpets are often appreciated by children's institutions in order to decorate and create a fabulous environment for children. Such expensive material of premium class as carpet tile with an individual design is bought by banks, restaurants, and boutiques. The production of carpets and carpet tiles with an individual design is not a quick thing, it takes some time. Usually it takes from one month to 2-2.5 months, depending on the amount of the order. So if you are keen to make an order for exclusive carpet or a carpet tile, you need to take into account the terms of production.

The advantages of printing in our company

The product and its price may vary according to the way of manufacturing, materials used and the performance characteristics. After all, you can choose any pile, any height, and other characteristics of the substrate according to your needs. Patterned carpets, as well as patterned carpet tiles or antisplash floorings have always a higher price. One should better contact our specialists to order the flooring with individual design. We offer a wide range of carpets with a pattern of excellent quality, at a unique price. «UnionMart» works directly with the manufacturers of carpet and rugs. We are engaged in the production of carpets, carpet tiles with the company logo or with individual design. Rugs under the order are a guarantee of quality, created by your hands. Our specialists will provide you with the expert advice in the selection of the desired flooring.

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