Linoleum Installation

Linoleum installation is rather a difficult task, which requires the possession of specific skills and practical experience. The most rational way is to invite a specialist. Our company has qualified staff with all the subtleties of performing such work.

Before you start installation of linoleum (linoleum flooring), you need to thoroughly prepare the surface. The base for installing linoleum must be free of all foreign material, must be flat and dry. Rolls of linoleum should be stored in an upright position. In addition, the material prepared for laying must be at a temperature similar to that maintained in the premises.

If you have purchased linoleum in cold weather, it is not recommended to put it in a heated room immediately after purchase. The sharp temperature gradient has a negative impact on it and can lead to cracks. Laying linoleum in the office, school or hospital must be made at room temperature. Cut sheets of linoleum must be kept at home for some time to "get used" to room temperature and smooth. This is especially true for long pieces of material.

Linoleum flooring

If installation takes place in a school or a clinic on the concrete floor, then leveling instrument can be used for surface preparation. In those situations where the linoleum flooring is performed on the old tiles, you first need to get rid of the damaged tiles, and their location must be sealed with concrete mix. After that, clean the surface with a detergent. For laying linoleum on the wooden floor, it is recommended to lay on the base the sheets of quality plywood with thickness of 6 mm. When linoleum flooring takes place in a kindergarten and is made on the old laminated cover, you must ensure that it is tightly interfaced with the floor. Otherwise, old laminated flooring should be removed. Before proceeding to carry out such work as linoleum installation in the shopping center, hospital, school or kindergarten, you must first measure the length and width of the surface in all areas. Next, the calculations must take into account the possible curvature of the walls, and add on to earlier results by 8 cm for each room. It is recommended to use a floor covering from of a single roll or party.

If the wall in the room is straight, linoleum flooring is drawing up, and then laid in such a way that it fits close to the wall. Next linoleum edges are folded and glued to the wall-sided adhesive tape. Thereafter flooring is stretched and pressed against the tape. After spending such an operation, make sure that the tile is laid flat. Sheets of material are placed to align the picture, and then cuts of stackable overlapping. Cold welding is produced by gluing in a special tube. Tip of the tube, in the form of a needle is inserted into the joint space, and carried him along, filling all its depth. Regardless of the type of room, linoleum installation should be fully glued to the surface of the floor covering.  It is very important to choose a pattern of linoleum. Its installation is much more complicated if the design is shallow, and it is uneconomical, since a lot of stuff goes to waste. Strongly large picture will look good only in large spaces, so the best option - to stay below average size, which does not require a symmetrical deck and dock. It is also necessary to keep the number of manufacturer serving for the selection of the correct figure. It is best to keep the sticker from each roll till you complete all the work. The rolls are best kept in an upright position in order not to be deformed.