Floor care

UnionMart is pleased to offer services for floor care. They include not only  floor washing with professional tools  and  cleaning from bacteria, but also professional polishing of all surfaces with the application of a protective layer of mastic, which will keep your floor in perfect condition.

With proper care and timely cleaning your office or any other room will always be attractive and pleasing to the eye. UnionMart recommends preventive cleaning of floors at least once in two years.

Why professional cleaning is necessary?

Cleaning is required in order to maintain the clean room and avoid the accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms on the floor. Clean and aesthetically looking environment has a positive effect on our mood at work place and at the same time contributes to the creation of a positive image of the company or enterprise.

Speaking about public buildings and work facilities where a lot of people are accumulated, there is a need for a completely different technique for maintaining purity than in the apartment. There is a need for a special chemical means to remove emerging dirt and protects the surface from new pollution.

These chemicals are usually concentrates, making them easy to dose; they are good for certain parts of flooring and are used in combination with cold water. Such chemicals are often toxic which requires special training for cleaning specialists.

The main tools used in the process of professional cleaning:

  • Cleaning machine
  • Polisher. Used for final cleaning and polishing or polishing wheels
  • Vacuums "dry - cleaning"

Why the cleanliness of the floors is playing a special role in the process of cleaning?

  • This surface is daily operated by footwear, which settles the mud
  • Practice shows that 60-70% of all cleaning chemicals are related to the field of floors
  • Restoration of floors is very expensive. Coverage replacement always requires appropriate base preparation, i.e. removing the old coating, adhesives, sanding, etc.

A few useful advices to keep the floors in good condition:

  • Regularly clean the outside area in front of the building
  • Use appropriate rugs in the outer zone and at the entrance to the building
  • Regularly sweep (vacuuming) floors, and then wash by hand or mechanically
  • Regularly remove any dirt and stains
  • For a long-lasting lifetime of flooring it is necessary to rub it from time to time with special protective mixtures.
850 rub./м2
with 20%VAT
850 rub./м2
with 20%VAT