Stage linoleum

The UnionMart Company is engaged in the supply of various stage covers of the professional level. Stage linoleum - is covering for the stage with a different purpose. Stage linoleum can be matte or glossy or reflective or light-absorbing, and it also has very good acoustic properties. Stage linoleum is very convenient for actors, dancers, can be used at various stages, catwalks, platforms nightclubs.

Products per page 20  |  50  |  100
from 1 075 rub./м2
4 colors
from 1 175 rub./м2
4 colors
from 1 350 rub./м2
10 colors
from 850 rub./м2
27 colors

Stage linoleum has a high-class of wear resistance and upper class of Fire safety (G1) that can be used in any public place.

Stage coatings require a special approach to installation, before installing the coating base should be carefully prepared, it should be smooth and without ridges.  If you want to buy linoleum for a stage, it is recommended to use the professional installation by our company.