Artificial grass

UnionMart offers high quality artificial grass of economy and premium class. Here you will find the most popular collection of artificial grass from spring to autumn variation pitch. Also, there are white and blue colors to highlight different areas and of course the classic grass lawns for golf. 

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Artificial grass consists of synthetic materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and rubber crumb. 

Artificial grass is ideal for children's playgrounds, football fields, golf courses, summer terrace, presentations, etc. Artificial grass is a type of roll coating and it is supplied by our company in rolls. Artificial grass has different types of substrates, each of which is designed for installation on different types of surfaces. Artificial grass coatings, presented on our site, are able to withstand intense pressure, even over the long term. Artificial grass can be used regardless of the season: it does not change its qualitative characteristics, even during such bad weather as rain and snow. Artificial grass of premium class collections is a safe commercial coating with maximum wear resistance and increased service life. 

Our advantages 

UnionMart is a direct distributor of the BIG (Belgium) and professional sports grass Desso (Netherlands). We are supplying the material only through direct contracts, we have specialized knowledge, ongoing technical support provided by the manufacturers and high-quality certified material. Our company supplies the material throughout the Russian Federation.