Sports tires

Sport tire represents a modular PVC coating. For installation of modular boards you do not need special skills. Rubber tile is durable, strong, and excellent for use both in sporting and garage coverage. Rubber flooring is easy to remove and recycle. If minor damage appears on the flooring, you can always easily replace the damaged unit – installation of entirely new coverage is not required. Rubber coating can be used as an industrial floor in the room with the technique for sports and garage flooring.

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Why rubber flooring, not rubber tile instead?

Rubber flooring wins the popular earlier rubber floor for several reasons.

First, it is easily installed. Laying works can be easily performed even by a schoolboy - you just need to lay out floor tiles (like a mosaic or a puzzle), and then commit the result with two blows. The simplicity does not diminish the reliability of coverings - such floor will last much longer than the floor of the rubber.

Second, rubber flooring has a porous surface, which can be deformed as a result of heavy loads. Rigid PVC resin flooring can withstand even multi-ton equipment.

Third, there is no peculiar smell (which is not true of the rubber cover). PVC products are odorless and are resistant to temperature changes and therefore do not pose a threat to the health of employees.

Fourth, it is the harmony of colors. For example, a roll of rubber coating leaves the possibility of displacement pattern during assembly, and not always the same color in different rolls is actually the same.

Fifth, it is the economy. PVC rubber flooring is much more profitable - no need to hire a work crew to acquire additional funds fixture, and in case of damage one needs to change only part of it, not the whole floor entirely.

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