Laying carpet in one color

Price450 rub./м2
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* Prices are indicated with VAT 20%

Laying carpet roll coating in a single color on the prepared base by the customer, with a one year guarantee. The base surface must meet the basic requirements:

  • dry;
  • durable;
  • smooth;
  • cast - in-situ;
  • clean – clean, without any traces of dirt, oils, etc.

Working conditions: 

  • the room temperature should be stable for at least 48 hours before installation; 
  • the temperature of the air in the room – not below -18 ºc; 
  • substrate temperature not below 15 ° C; 
  • relative humidity should not exceed 75%. 

In preparing the Foundation of our professionals and our materials, the warranty can be extended up to 3 years.

The laying is carried out in the free areas, garbage not included.

The specified price can be changed after inspection of the object.

The total cost of works can not be lower than 25 000 RUB.

All prices include 18% VAT.

290 rub./
with 20%VAT