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Homogeneous Linoleum

Homogeneous linoleum is a floor coating, which consists of only one layer. The pattern is applied to the entire thickness, and thus, uneven wear material remains practically invisible. This clear advantage makes homogeneous linoleum flooring ideal for areas with movement of large numbers of people. One can often see the picture when renovated administrative office looks perfect, nice and pleasant to work, but over time the appearance of the premises is gradually coming into a state of disrepair, and, as a rule, the appearance of floor covering leaves much to be desired . If you use homogeneous linoleum, then the situation can be completely different: even the ceiling can completely come useless, and floor covering will be almost perfect.

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Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

In our country, linoleum is very popular. Opportunities offered for designers are endless. The varied colors and a huge number of possible patterns allow you to pick homogeneous linoleum, which will be in harmony with any furniture in particular, and the overall design of the interior space as a whole. Perhaps no other floor covering can give the room an aura of aristocracy such as linoleum. In this sense, competition may be between linoleum and parquet, but the price of this floor is much higher, and it can be used not in all the rooms, in addition, it is deprived of the many advantages that homogeneous linoleum possess. We can offer homogeneous linoleum with anti-slip property. To achieve this effect the manufacture of flooring contains quartz chips. In addition, there are collections with a strong relief surface, which makes this linoleum more secure.

We look forward to working with you. If you want to choose really high-quality linoleum at affordable prices, we're here to help. We are committed to long-term cooperation and respect our business partners. Our linoleum is the highest quality flooring from leading manufacturers. Cooperation with us - it is a guarantee for your peace of mind and good mood.

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