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Linoleum for child organizations

UnionMart is an authorized distributor of European plants Forbo, Armstrong, it offers products specially selected for childcare.

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Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

Linoleum for child organizations - it is a special type of material which shall consist only of natural ingredients and is fully certified under the standards of fire safety, as this type of linoleum should be safe for the health of children and to have antibacterial properties, prevent the formation of bacteria harmful to a child's development. Linoleum for child organizations implies such institutions as kindergartens, health clinics, child development centers, and any other area for working with children. Having bought special linoleum for child care it should be understood that it requires a special installation, such as natural linoleum, is very fragile, and it gains its monolithic properties only in a few days, so its installation must be trusted the professionals who have special heating and smoothing instrument.

If you decide to buy linoleum for child care centers pay attention to our proposal for installation.

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