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Antisplash flooring

Manufacturers of antisplash flooring

Perhaps everyone is faced with the problem of how to keep out the dirt on the entrance area. Many are accustomed to carpets that are periodically taken, washed and brought back, but in Europe the situation is different. The system of a constant collection of money for the washing of entrance carpets and rugs is too expensive and is not as useful as professional approach which will be discussed.

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Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

Antisplash flooring relates to the textile production and is designed for the different operating loads and aesthetic requirements for the input zones of different sizes and all forms. For office and commercial premises as well as production, clean room is not only an attractive interior, bit also one of the conditions for the safety of personnel and equipment. Wet and dry dirt from the street harms the internal furnish, settles in the form of dust, creating health problems for people and work of the mechanisms. Effective antisplash flooring for entrance area is reduced by 65% of the cost for the cleaning and acre of all floorings in the building.

Forbo Company presents entrance flooring : dirt-protecting mats and the textile flooring designed for commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses and areas with high mud and passing loads. The unique structure of the fiber floors clears of mud not only shoes, but wheel protectors and internal transport trolleys.

Forbo Company has created the unique 6 step system, able to hold up to 90% of dirt brought into the room. Dirt protecting flooring is divided into 3 degrees of the load and 3 zones. The initial load is taken by the outer zone, it will remove a large portion of the mud and wet before entering the building. Next goes the internal second zone – for removal of solid particles and retention of moisture from the soles of the shoes. The main entrance area  is the third, it absorbs the remaining moisture and small street pollution.

Entrance flooring collection, designed by Forbo, is represented by the combination of different Coral collections, which match the color. The entrance zone can be decorated by your company logo.

Contact our managers to order entrance flooring. UnionMart is the official distributor of Forbo.

Here is the table of costs for entrance zone in comparison with removable carpets (on the basis of Coral portfolio ⃰⃰ )

Entrance zone size (m)  The cost for equipping the entrance area Coral Classic (€)   Changing once in 2 weeks Changing once in a week Changing 2 times per week
4x6 1700

Cost for service on removable carpets per month

215 € 270€ 425€

Payback period of entrance system with Coral                   

7, 9 weeks 6, 3 weeks 4 weeks

The savings on the entrance system Coral compared with removable carpets (per year)

9480 € 12340 € 20400 €
2x3 480 €

Cost for service on Removable carpets per month

65€ 90€ 140€

Payback period of entrance System Coral                              

6,5 weeks 4,7 weeks 3 weeks

The savings on the entrance System Coral compared with Removable carpets (per year)

2960 € 4260 € 6860 €

Manufacturers of antisplash flooring

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