Regupol is universal coverage for indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

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from 6 138 rub./м2
with 20%VAT
8 colors
Класс пожарной безопасности
from 2 785 rub./м2
with 20%VAT
10 colors
Класс пожарной безопасности


  • Tennis courts
  • Halls weightlifting gyms
  • Leisure centers
  • Golf Clubs
  • Parks
  • Football and ice stadiums
  • Pools
  • Industrial premises
  • Trade and exhibition areas.

The flooring is particularly strong and durable; doesn’t contain harmful impurities, resistant to studded shoe skates and withstand any temperature changes.


  • resistance to mechanical loads and a point
  • attractive design
  • numerous color combinations
  • does not reflect light
  • excellent anti-slip characteristics
  • extremely wear-resistant
  • comfort and cushioning effect
  • sound absorbing
  • is not difficult to packing and in the issue of care

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