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Bostik Company was founded in 1889 in the United States. Today, the company Bostik is one of the largest companies in the world for the production of adhesives, sealants and compounds. It is hard to imagine without the construction sector of Bostik. The main role in the successful development of such a company has played a quality product that will withstand all expectations and exceeded them. The company's products Bostik used in various fields ranging from shipbuilding and the construction of buildings to furniture and packaging.

Display products: 20  |  50  |  100
Display products: 20  |  50  |  100

Impeccable quality products and continuous commitment to innovation makes the company Bostik indispensable in the field of flooring. Mixtures are unmatched strength, adhesives record material for many years, but it is only common words, but indeed Bostik rescues where other adhesives mixture and cannot help.

UnionMart Company is the official distributor of Bostik in Russia.

Bostik is a subsidiary of TOTAL

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  • Cashless with 18% VAT

    Cashless with 18% VAT

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    Express logistics from Europe

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    Leading plant in Europe

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